Erwin Olaf - News

Anniversary Soloshow Gemeente Museum and Photography Museum


In 2019 the Gemeente Museum The Hague, together with The Hague Museum of Photography, will host an anniversary solo show!
Keep an eye on their (and our) websites for more information.

Museo Nacional del Prado

18 January 2017

On 18 January 2017 the Prado organised a talk on Pictures of Drama: Photographers in Baroque, with works by Erwin Olaf, Jeff Wall, Karen Knorr, Gregory Crewdson, Andrés Serrano, James Casebere, Philip-Lorca di Corcia, José Manuel Ballester, Vanessa Beecroft and Sam Taylor-Wood.

Espoo Museum of Modern Art

12 October 2016 - 8 January 2017

Work by Erwin Olaf is featured in the group exposition 'In Search of the Present' in EMMA, Finland

McNay Art Museum

28 September - 15 January 2017

Works by Erwin Olaf are featured alongside works by artists including Nan Golding, Paul Graham, Alex Prager, Jeff Wall and others in the group show 'Telling Tales: Contemporary Narrative Photography'.

BarĂ³ Galeria

New gallery cooperation

Baró Galeria in São Paolo and Erwin Olaf have decided to work together.

Instituto Cultural Peruano Norte Americano


Instituto Cultural Peruano Norte Americano announces it will host an Erwin Olaf solo show next year.

After Rodin - Groninger Museum

19 November 2016 - 30 April 2017

"Erwin Olaf honours Rodin with these series of photographs, Made especially for Groninger Museum. The poses are inspired by iconic sculptures of the artist, but are not literal quotations. The softness of the light and the details of the setting refer to his work."

Hangaram Art Museum

24 June 2017 - 8 October 2017

This magnificent exhibition, with works by Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz, Tim Walker and Erwin Olaf among many others, is travelling. Next stop: Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center.

Recent Acquisitions

Works by Ervin olaf have been acquired by Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Malága, Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg, Musée National d'Historie et d'Art, Luxembourg, HSBC Colection USA, Musem Arnhem, The Netherlands, and Koo Museum, south Korea.

New Work - "L'Eveil"

1 October 2016

"L'Eveil" - Erwin's newest work, a 30-channel video projection, will be shown for the first time on Hotel de Ville, during Nuit Blance Paris, curated by Jean de Loisy (director of Palais de Tokyo). Other artists on display during Nuit Blanche Paris are, amongst others, Matthew Barney and Anish Kapoor. Check this site for more information (French only).


21 september 2016

The IIT College of Architecture invited Erwin Olaf to give a lecture, on Wednesday 21 September in the Crown Hall, during the fifth international exposition of contemporary & modern art called EXPO CHGO. Detailed information about the lecture can be found here.


22 - 26 September 2016, Amsterdam

Erwin Olaf's installation for champagne house Ruinart is on display during this years edition of Unseen Festival. A short introductory film can be seen here.


1 October 2016

Erwin's installation 'Waiting, Shenzhen' will be shown at Nuit Blanche Toronto on 8 screens, the music will be performed live. Curated by Paco Barragan. Other artists shown this night are, amonst others, Bill Viola and Rebecca Belmore. Detailed information about the screening and performing of 'Waiting' at QRC West can be found here.

Museum Koo's, Seoul, Shows 'The Keyhole'


The brand new KOO HOUSE, MUSEUM of ART & DESIGN COLLECTION, has acquired Erwin Olaf's installation 'Keyhole'. The installation is now on permanent display.

National Art Gallery

1 September - 22 October 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

The National Art Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria, hosts a solo show by Erwin Olaf, with the four series 'Blacks', 'Grief', 'Dusk' and 'Dawn', during the annual photography festival Fotofabrika.

Museum Arnhem


Museum Arnhem, The Netherlands, acquired Erwin Olaf's installation 'Waiting, Shenzhen'.

K11 Art Foundation

Opening 9 September

The K11 Art Foundation host a group show centered around women's indepence, with works by Erwin Olaf, Ekaterina Anokhina and Anastasia Potemkina, amongst others. Curated by Magda Danysz.

The McNay Art Museum - 'Telling Tales: Contemporary Narrative Photography'

28 September 2016 - 15 January 2017

A selection from series 'Berlin', 'Grief' and 'Hope' will be shown in a group show in The McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, USA, fall 2016. Other exhibited artists are, among others,Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Gregory Crewdson.

Espoo Museum Of Modern Art, Finland - 'In Search Of The Present'

12 October 2016 - 8 January 2017

The Espoo Museum of Modern Art, EMMA in short, is about to launch a new series of exhibitions called 'In Search of the Present'. In the first edition of these interesting exhibitions works from Erwin Olaf's series 'Berlin' are shown. On display from October. Keep an eye on the website of the museum for more information.

Roma, La Visit Di Stato @ Paris Photo

10 - 13 November 2016

Erwin's installation 'Roma, La visita di Stato (Rome, The State Visit)', 2016, will be shown during Paris Photo in the stall of Hamiltons Gallery.

Sold Show @ Gallery Kong, Seoul

November 2016 - January 2017

Gallery Kong in Seoul will host a solo show opening 11 November this year. Keep an eye on their website for more information. 

C/O Berlin Foundation

28 May - 4 September 2016

 From 28 May to 4 September 2016 C/O Berlin Foundation shows photographs from the Susanne von Meiss Collection in a group show entitled 'Allure [Fr. style, elegance]', with 'Berlin, Porträt 05 - 9th of July, 2012' from series 'Berlin'. For more information see this video.

Kunstpalais Erlangen - Evil Clowns_Reloaded

24 April - 26 June 2016

The renowed Kunstpalais Erlangen made a exhibition exploring '...the often disquieting figure of the clown...', in which no less than six portraits from series Paradise The Portraits (2001) are shown. Other selected artists are Pussy Riot, Cindy Sherman, Jeffrey Vallance and Jake and Dinos Chapman, among many others. See the website for more information.

Art Statements - Skin Deep, Tamed & Anger, Le Dernier Cri

24 March - 28 May 2016

Opening next week: a solo show in Art Statements, with works from 'Skin Deep', 'Tamed & Anger' and 'Le Dernier Cri'.

CAC Malaga - Cell of Emotions

29 January - 1 May 2016

The Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Málaga organises a solo show by Erwin Olaf, opening 29 January, closing 1 May 2016. Photographs and multimedia installations from series 'Berlin', 'Keyhole', 'Grief' and 'Hope' will be on display.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam - 'Catwalk - Fashion At The Rijksmuseum'

20 February - 15 May 2016

For the first time the Rijksmuseum presents a large selection of its diverse fashion collection in an exhibition designed by worldrenowed Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

The Pushkin state Museum Of Fine Arts, Moscow - 'Erwin Olaf. Homage To Louis Gallait'

24 February - 20 April 2016

Works by Erwin Olaf from series 'Les Dernier Hosneurs Rendus Aux Infortunes Illustrisismes Comtes D'Egmont Et De Horne', he made in 2012 for the Gaasbeek Castle (Belgium) will be shown alongside the original paintings, in The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, from 24 February to 20 April 2016.

Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen, The Netherlands, 'Silence Out Loud'

15 December 2015 - 12 June 2016

The installation 'Waiting, Shenzhen', made by Erwin Olaf in 2014, will be exhibited in a group show titled 'Silence Out Loud' curated by the late writer Joost Zwagerman in Museum Kranenburgh (websites in Dutch only), opening 15 December, closing 12 June 2016. Also on display will be works from, among others, Marlene Dumas, Luc Tuymans and Rineke Dijkstra.

Galerie Wagner + Partner, Berlin, Skin Deep, Photo's And Statues

Opening May 2016

Galerie Wagner + Partner in Berlin, Germany, will host a soloshow with Erwin Olaf's newest works 'Skin Deep', including a new installation. Opening planned for the Gallery Weekend Berlin, from 29 April to 1 May 2016.


September 2017

The Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano organises a solo exhibition by Erwin Olaf, opening August/September 2017. Keep an eye on their website for more information.

Galerie Rabouan Moussion - 'Erwin Olaf - Waiting'

17 October - 28 November 2015

Galerie Rabouan Moussion opened her new gallery space (11 rue Pastourelle) with a solo show by Erwin Olaf. On display was, among many other works, the installation 'Waiting Shenzhen'.

Ben Maltz Gallery - 'The Mother' From Series 'Dusk'

11 April - 26 July 2015

The Ben Maltz Gallery at the Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, shows 'The Mother' from series 'Dusk' in a group show entitled 'Dusk to Dusk: Unsettled, Unraveled, Unreal'. Among the represented artists are Louise Bourgeois, Edward Burtynsky, Salvador Dalí and Gilbert & George.

Museo De Arte Contemporaneo De Rosario, Argentina - Solo Show

8 May - 27 July 2015

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario (Argentina), MACRO in short, takes over the baton from MAC in Santiago de Chile, for the second leg of Erwin Olaf's tour in South America. Keep an eye on the website (Spanish only) for more information.

'Erwin Olaf: Empire Of Illusion' Nominated For Best New Media International Exhibition

6 September - 9 November 2014

The exhibition 'Erwin Olaf: EL IMPERIO DE LA ILUSIÓN ' (Spanish only) in Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago de Chile, is nominated for Best New Media International Exhibition! Images from the exhibition during the opening can be seen here.

Hasted Kraeutler, New York - Solo Show

8 January - 28 February 2015

Gallery Hasted Kraeutler in New York will host a soloshow by Erwin Olaf early next year. Keep an eye on their website for more information.

Memory Lab. Photography Challenges History

16 October - 16 November 2014

During the European Month of Photography there will not only be art by Erwin Olaf on display in Berlin, but also in Vienna. The MUSA (Museum Start-Gallery Artothek) in Vienna, one of the partner cities of the European Month of Photography, will also show works by Erwin Olaf.

Society Of Arts

23 April 2014

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences recently launched the Netherlands' new Society of Arts. Among the nineteen members, all leading Dutch artists working in every discipline, is Erwin Olaf. More information about this society can be found here.

Whangarei Art Museum

June - July 2015

The Whangarei Art Museum, or WAM, in Northland, New Zealand, is organising a show with works by Erwin Olaf. Opening June/July 2015.

Modem Hungary - Solo Show

From 11 October

MODEM in Debrecen, Hungary, will host a solo show by Erwin Olaf, on display from 11 October on. See the website for more information.

New Erwin Olaf - Book By Aperture

Fall 2014

We are very proud to announce that the Aperture Foundation will publish another book by Erwin Olaf. Keep an eye on the website for more information. The book is to be released this fall.

Empire Of Illusion

From 5 September till 30 November

Paco Barragán curated a solo show, titled 'Empire of Illusion', in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile.

Entrepreneur 4.0

From 24 May on

From 24 May on the WITTENSTEIN Innovation Factory will display the nominees for the ENTREPRENEUR 4.0 Award, among whom is Erwin Olaf, with a selection of his carbon prints from series 'Berlin'.

Memory Lab: The sentimental Turn @ Martin Gropius Bau Berlin

17 October - 15 December, 2014

Erwin Olaf is selected to participate in the central exhibition of the 6th European Month of Photography in Berlin, this year, in Martin Gropius Bau. The exhibition is called 'Memory Lab: The Sentimental Turn', keep an eye on the website for more information.

Erwin Olaf / Chronicle Of The Untold

29 April - 15 July 2014

We are very proud to announce Cermodern will, for the second time, host an exhibition by Erwin Olaf. The exhibition will travel, a second venue is to be announced later.

New Design National Side Dutch Euro Coin

After months of working in secret we are very, very proud to announce that Erwin Olaf's designs have been selected for the new national side of the Dutch euro coins! Release will be sometime early next year. A still can be found here.

Mudac - Nirvana

29 October 2014 - 19 April 2015

Erwin Olaf's series 'Separation' will feature in the group exhibition 'Nirvana', in Musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains (MUDAC) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Keep an eye on the website for more information.